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Virtual Student Portal

Virtual Student Portal PictureVirtual Student Portal


Welcome to the Pickering High School Virtual Student Portal serving PHS and most of the VPSB District Schools.  Here you will find a one-stop shop for most things specific to virtual students. 

**Because of class size planning, the window to change from virtual to face-to-face closes at 2PM on Nov 13th **


Being a virtual student requires a student to be very organized and disciplined. If at any time you fall behind or do not understand something, don’t hesitate to ask for help. The faster you ask for help, the better.


Virtual school has changed from watching prerecorded lessons and trying to figure out what to do for assignments. Now, each core subject will have a live teacher with a scheduled time for class. Virtual students, along with their peers, will log in and “attend” a live class. There you will participate in the instruction in real time. Please take the opportunity to ask questions and interact with your teachers just like in a face-to-face class.


Virtual students do share some unique responsibilities as described below. Make sure you take care of these each school day.


1. Log into CLEVER, click “Virtual Student Attendance”, and fill out the form EACH day. 

2. If you have not done so, make sure to join your new class using the Google join code.

3. If you have not done so, make sure to join your new class Remind          (Click here for class join codes)

4. Log into your classes EACH day at the appointed times and participate. 

5. If you have questions first contact the teacher during “Office Hours” or during class. If you do not get an answer, please contact the school.  If you are a Pickering High School student, please find the number to text the office on the homepage.  


Virtual Student Handbook       VPSB Parent Guide to Virtual Learning    Google Classroom Cheatsheet for Students


Login Times For Virtual Classes

Class Teacher Time to Login Office Hours
7th Math Dalton 7:47-8:40 8:44-9:33
7th ELA King 1:34-2:23 11:23-12:12
7th Science Koonce 11:23-12:12 8:44-9:33
7th Social Studies Smith D 10:30-11:19 11:23-12:12
8th Math Billiot 7:47-8:36 8:44-9:33
8th ELA King 10:26-11:15 11:19-12:08
8th Science Asuncion 1:34-2:33 9:33-10:22
8th Social Studies Webber 11:23-12:12 10:26-11:15
English 1 Kay 9:33-10:22 10:26-11:15
English II Winstead (updated Jan, 2020) 12:12-1:01 1:30-2:19
English III Bruce 8:40-9:29 1:30-2:19
English IV Winstead 10:26-11:15 11:19-12:08
Algebra I Conley 11:19-12:08 1:01-1:26
Algebra II Conley 1:30-2:19 1:01-1:26
Geometry Jordan 10:26-11:15 9:33-10:22
Advanced Math Please contact LHS N/A N/A
Physical Science Asuncion 8:40-9:29 9:33-10:22
Biology I Koonce 7:47-8:36 8:44-9:33
Chemistry Mooty 7:47-8:36 8:40-9:29
Env Science Mooty 1:40-2:05 12:15-1:00
World Geography Jarrell 9:33-10:22 12:12:1:01
US History Webber 9:33-10:22 10:26-11:15
Civics Parrott 10:30-11:19 2:23-2:50
World History  Parrott 12:12-1:01 2:23-2:50
All Electives PLATO Self-Paced Program N/A