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Thank you to our Veterans!                                                     

 If you are having issues with a chromebook, we can help.

  • For hardware and start-up settings—Call 337-239-1680 between

                      9AM-2PM to speak with a VPSB Technician

  • For Password Issues—Text the office (fastest) 337-509-0545

                          or call the office 337-537-1555

  • For Issues finding a Google Classroom – navigate to the 

Pickering High website > Teacher Websites > and email the teacher. 


SENIORS: Here is the video for Graduate Sales if you missed the meeting:

JUNIORS: Here is the video for Graduate Sales if you missed the meeting:

JUNIORS ring flyer:

ring flyerparent letter

Vernon Parish Strong Start

Vernon Parish Strong Start

Posted Date: 07/20/2020

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